Friday, December 30, 2011

181.9 Miles


I've entered the western edge of Midgewater Marshes and camped there. Currently heading east across them. Yuck.

Yes, that says 16.1 miles for today. Yes, I'm pretty sore (especially when I squat down to pick something up). And, yes, I was extremely sweaty afterward. But, (and this is the important part) I felt fantastic about it! No, not physically! I was sweaty & sore, but inside, where it matters the most? Yeah, I felt pretty darn awesome. I biked for one hour today. It feels pretty good knowing that I can go that long. So, I'm thinking that I will do this each week. I'll continue three days of thirty minutes, then one day of an hour. I think the long steady ride will work the muscles in a different fashion and that is a good thing.

And now I have real mats for it! Kevin brought over a whole bunch of mats for me, the professional kind, so now I'm not running the risk of messing up the floor or messing up my blocking mats. Yes, that makes me grin.

The ultimate goal (a healthy body and low sugar levels) is the most important thing to keep in mind right now. Yes, I keep thinking about the weight loss and how I will look in several months, but it the quality of my health that really keeps me going. I know that someday I will be a grandmother, I will travel, I will have alpacas... in all of that, I want to be the healthiest Me possible. This crazy journey across Middle Earth is just the beginning. When the season changes I will be buying a pedometer and will start to include walking as part of this journey. Running? I don't really see that for me (even though I know that could change later), but there are a lot of lovely places around here to go for a walk.

I crocheted a little washcloth today and might be doing a little more of that. It was pretty easy to keep the project in my hand while keeping a steady pace. I am looking forward to figuring out other project that I can do. April has a couple patterns she created for the Cardio-Knitting, and I will be starting one of the more simple ones after the 1st.

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