Friday, November 16, 2012

962 Miles

(2.1 treadmill)

Today was a pushing kind of day. I was on the treadmill before lunch, did weights before Brianna got home, then another short session with Brianna in the early evening. I might hurt tomorrow, but it will be worth it all. I also now have a write-on/wipe-off calender on the fridge (found at the thrift store and in great shape) so I can start keeping track of my water. I think that it's even more important during the winter to make sure I stay hydrated.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

959.9 Miles

(10.2 bike)

I'll admit that I've not been listening to the book lately. I know that the traveling on the river doesn't take up a lot in the story, and I don't like to only listen for a couple minutes at a time. Soon, though, I will have to make a decision about which path to take. Will I stay with Frodo or will I go on with Strider?

Wednesday was a weights day again. I should be more specific since it's not just weight-training, but that's what I call the day. What it involves is various exercises that work the muscles of my body and I use 8-pound weights. Cardio isn't really a factor even though I do tend to get winded sometimes.

On these days I set my timer (an app on the iPad, but I can't remember what it's called right now) to intervals of 1 minute with a 10 second "break", repeated 12 times. During the 1 minute I will do an exercise for 30 seconds, then switch sides for the remaining 30 seconds. For example, if I am doing lunges, I'm doing the right leg for the full 30 seconds, then the left. The 10-second break gives me enough time to get into position for the next exercise. When an exercise works both sides at the same time (squats, for example) I will do them for the full minute. There are 12 different exercises that I do during these intervals so the session lasts 14 minutes. At this point I will take a short water break then start all over again. After that, I will do stretches and a few Sun Salutations.

So, when I say it's a "weights day" you now know what I mean.

Today's ride involved reading on my iPad. I've tried to knit while I'm pedaling, but when you're trying to maintain a speed of 20mph, your gauge just gets wonky.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

949.7 Miles

(11.6 bike)

Monday was a weights kind of day, even though I'd split some wood over the weekend. It really wasn't a lot of wood, though. Mostly my hands hurt from the impact of the maul to the wood.

Today was a bike day. Because I was also still dealing with some emotional junk, too. Perhaps the running would have done some good, but I just felt drained and empty, so the bike seemed the better choice. Sometimes I really don't like this time of the year.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

938.1 Miles

(2.2 treadmill)

Today was one of those days when I just knew that getting on the treadmill was a great thing. Although I would have preferred running outside, I know that the treadmill is still a good thing. I can let my mind wander to other things, to other ideas, to other places, all with the knowledge that I'm not going to trip over a branch.

The few times I have run outdoors thought (not counting the 5ks I have been in) I made sure I was always aware of the things going on around me. I ran at Osborne park only once and the feeling of being out in nature was a heady experience. I'm looking forward to doing something like that again.

My calves were sore again today, but not quite as sore as they were last time, which made me smile. I like the fact that I'm not out of breath as quickly as I used to be. One day I will be posting about how I ran the entire 30 minutes.