Wednesday, October 24, 2012

935.9 Miles

(2.1 treadmill)

I read too far in the book and now need to get my miles back to where I am in the story. It won't take long.

Today I ran for 6.5 minutes before needing to walk and then it was because my calves were really burning, not because I was out of breath. So I walked for a little more than a minute then began running again. My total running time today was 18 minutes (out of 30). I know that might not seem like a lot to some, but it's a great accomplishment for me. And I feel really good about it. I look forward to tomorrow's activities.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

933.8 Miles

(10.4 bike)

We have left the beautiful land of Lothlorien and are now traveling on the river in boats light enough to carry. Our hearts are a bit heavy with the parting from the forest, even though we must continue onward.

I'm back into the routine of trading off days of bike & treadmill. April reminded me that the bike will help strengthen my heart so that the running is easier. I read one of the books on the iPad as I pedaled and didn't pay attention to my speed or anything else like that. When the 30 minute timer went off I was pleasantly surprised to see how far I'd gone.

Monday, October 22, 2012

923.4 Miles

(1.8 treadmill)

Today wasn't a "pushing" kind of day. I decided that I needed a longer run time and I knew that meant going a little slower. After my warm up I kept the treadmill at only 4mph since I can walk that fast and jog that slow without too much trouble. So, I jogged for as long as I could, then walked for no more than 1 minute at a time. I am going to stick with this routine for just a bit until the jogging time is significantly longer than the walking. Then I'm going to ramp up the speed.

Friday, October 19, 2012

921.6 Miles

(3.1 treadmill)

Lothlorien. We stay here for several days for a well-needed rest. Frodo and Sam look into the Mirror of Galdriel and felt sorrow for the visions they both saw. Gimli and Legolas seemed to be getting along so much better than before. Celeborn provided boats for us to travel along a bit faster and we were given other supplies for the next leg of our journey.

I have reached Lothlorien! And gone just a little more. I felt a great sense of accomplishment when I passes that point and the energy that filled me gave me the boost I needed to complete more than 3 miles!

After the first program setting ended, I turned the treadmill back on and kept going. I had to take two pictures, though, since the treadmill will reset each time you hit start (I learned that the hard way a few months back).

And now, onward to Rauros Falls!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

918.5 Miles

(2.1 treadmill)

Only 1.5 miles to reach the gates of Caras Galadan!

Yesterday my muscles were crying at me. They were begging me to stop moving so much, to sit down and relax, to leave them alone. But I didn't listen. Instead I did the workout with the weights then got on the bike for 30 minutes. Only, I forgot to take a picture of the miles. Why? Because as I reached the 30 minute mark I realized that I was supposed to be on a call with Kam. I think she understands why I forgot about it.

So, I'm not counting yesterday's miles, even though they were probably 8 or 9. Yes, that would have gotten me to Rivendell, but that's okay. For today, I got on the treadmill.

I'll be using the weights later today, but for now I have to work on some yarn and other goodies for the shop. :-)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

916.4 Miles

(2.0 treadmill)

We have reached the north side of Caras Galadan. So very close!

It's been far too long since I've posted on here. Part of that was a dumb rebellion on my own part. I was letting my dislike for another person bring me down. It was pointed out to me that by doing that I was letting them win. I deserve to treat myself better than that. And so, today I was back at it, in full force.

Today I did two workouts. This morning was 30 minutes on the treadmill. This evening was 30 minutes with the weights. I think I'm going to sleep quite deeply tonight. I will write more of some of my goals tomorrow.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

914.4 Miles

(1.5 outdoors, in two parts)

I've been walking the daycare kids to school, then taking a longer loop to get back home (in reverse in the afternoons). Only... I forgot to log them. I'm only going to log one day for now. If I can walk them next week (the weather might be too cool for that) I'll log them regularly.

I'm pretty sure I'm over this weird cold. It seemed that it lasted forever with the last bits of it being a tickling cough. I'm glad to be rid of it. I want to run again (and still find it amusing to say that).