Monday, December 5, 2011

30 Miles

I suppose the cumulative miles works fairly well for the titles, so that's what I'll do until I change my mind.

Today was a little harder to complete 8 miles. It took me 31 minutes and I was really tempted to stop at only 20. My legs just didn't seem to want to go any farther. Still, the music was cheerful and I wanted to get another row done on the scarf (I started it over again). As I pushed past the 23 minute mark, I realized that I had less than 7 minutes to go. As sluggish as my legs felt, I kept in my head the combination of one-more-row and only#-minutes-left.

I'm going to make myself remember to lower the thermostat a bit more than normal while I'm on the bike. I was burning up when that darn furnace kicked on! Also, more water. Lots more water.

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