Tuesday, November 18, 2014

1179.1 Miles

I've not been eaten by wargs, I just have been steadily moving along the best I could. I totaled up the walks that Brianna & I have been taking and we are currently at 17.4 since my last check in. I know that there are times in there that I didn't keep track of, so the total is actually a little more, but that's alright.

Right now we are entering the cold weather, just like the rest of the country, so outdoor walks are about to become very rare. As much as I despise this, I can't risk my health further. I'm now working pretty hard on increasing my lung capacity again and strengthening my body. I don't know how that would translate into miles (I know I could estimate the calories and all that stuff, but it doesn't really feel right).

I do have enough time before I head out on the road to be stronger, though, and I plan to use it to my advantage.

I hope you are all staying warm and safe out there.