Wednesday, December 14, 2011

82.3 Miles


I have passed the Bonfire Glade and am now traveling along the path in the Forest.

Today is a slow day. My thought is to have two days of 30 minutes, one day of 20 minutes, 2 days of 30 minutes. On Saturday I usually run errands, so I'll focus more on weight training.

I had a good talk with April about numbers. You know, weight, body fat, sizes, etc. She gave me a number for the size I will reach. I won't be sharing it yet, simply because it doesn't really feel like it's possible to me. Still, I like the thought of that number and am holding it inside, letting it grow in brightness. When it feels stronger than a whisper, I may share it here, too.

I hope you're all enjoying some movement!

Also, for anyone who is curious, I'm only going up to the tenths and I won't be rounding up. So, whether I reach .83 or .87, I will still only count it as .8 simply because it's easier to deal with.

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