Friday, December 9, 2011

55.9 miles


After Pippin realized that they'd turned too far south, they changed direction slightly, then stopped for lunch. Soon after that, they heard the cry of a Black Rider and continued on. Before long they reached the Marish. That's when Pippin realized they were on Farmer Maggot's property. In the book, this plays out in a significantly different way than the movie.

I didn't get back on the bike yesterday, partly because I was busy. Each time I thought about it, there were several other things to do and before long, it was time for a shower. When I got on it this morning, I figured I'd reach the 20 minutes and get off, but I felt like pushing myself a little, so I kept the speed above 16mph. I only did 3 total minutes of high speed (22mph) but I completed the whole 30 minutes. I feel pretty good about that. I even made it past 9 miles.

For the knitting, I got 3 stripes complete. Pretty cool!

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