Saturday, August 31, 2013

1102 Miles

(3.6 outdoors)

I headed out the door this morning pretty early. There were a few minutes when I had to talk myself into it but then... I don't know exactly, but something shifted and I just went. The morning was quiet and cool and the mist was thick in the distance (not thick enough to diminish visibility for the cars I'd be sharing the roads with). I knew the approximate route I wanted to take, even though there were parts I'd never been on. I sprinted on the downhill portions and felt like I was trudging on some of the uphill portions. Just before the second mile I really did struggle, but I knew that I couldn't go back. There was a twinge of a cramp in the back of my thigh so I did stretch some before continuing.

When I got back home I was drenched in sweat and a little shaky, but I was happy, too.

1098.4 Miles

(12.4 outdoors, spread over a few walks/runs)
(11.2 bike)

The river is curving eastward and there are wolds on both shores. The sky remains overcast and moods are unsettled.

I'm still here! I bet you thought I'd given this up. After a very long time of going through lots of stuff, we are now settled in Asheville! And I feel even more determined to continue this journey. April (her studio's Facebook page is here) has already shown me some amazing places and I have discovered already that I like to run outdoors. Of course, since it's been so long since I've actually run (or much of anything else), I feel almost as if I'm starting over again. My "running" consists mostly of a fast-paced walk with bursts of sprinting. I don't know the time of those sprints, but I know that they will get longer and longer.

I've been keeping my phone with me and using the Nike+ application to help me with my miles. Here is what I've done so far this month. Keep in mind that we didn't even get to North Carolina until the 11th and that was very late at night. Since then I've been on several walks and a few running walks. I've even had a kettlebell workout!

I was extremely sore last week and I know that the pain will subside once I get more into the routine of being active again. I need to get my yoga back into the routine, too. I know that will help with the soreness.

I didn't get a picture of the bike miles since I misplaced my charger for the camera. I'm happy to report that I have unpacked a couple more boxes and found it.