Monday, March 30, 2015

1211.4 Miles

We have reached the lowlands between downs and the Emyn Muil. I feel like we've been on this journey forever and that every time there is a little progress, something causes a delay. We began paddling this evening and the banks are becoming stony.

That is how I feel, actually. Between the lung issues, the worry about my heart, the heel pain, and the other things that seem to be happening around me, it does feel like there is a humongous amount of delaying for everything. Even so, I want to keep going. I started out with this in order to make my way through Middle Earth and that's what I still intend to do. One step at a time.

It was suggested to me that I get a pedometer and start keeping track of how much I walk throughout the day, but the reliable ones are more than I want to pay and the cheap ones aren't accurate. So I'll just keep going for walks when I can and go from there.

Over the last several months, I've gone for walks around the neighborhood, back & forth to the bus stops, and to the store. While I didn't log each and every one of the miles in here, I did keep them in a notebook. Since November I've logged 32.3 miles. That hardly seems like a drop in the bucket, but it is still something.

Onward, shall we?

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

1179.1 Miles

I've not been eaten by wargs, I just have been steadily moving along the best I could. I totaled up the walks that Brianna & I have been taking and we are currently at 17.4 since my last check in. I know that there are times in there that I didn't keep track of, so the total is actually a little more, but that's alright.

Right now we are entering the cold weather, just like the rest of the country, so outdoor walks are about to become very rare. As much as I despise this, I can't risk my health further. I'm now working pretty hard on increasing my lung capacity again and strengthening my body. I don't know how that would translate into miles (I know I could estimate the calories and all that stuff, but it doesn't really feel right).

I do have enough time before I head out on the road to be stronger, though, and I plan to use it to my advantage.

I hope you are all staying warm and safe out there.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Another recovery...

So... I got pneumonia again at the end of July and I'll admit that it pissed me off. Quite a bit. Brianna & I had been doing well with walking, I'd been doing just fine with at-home workouts, and things seemed to be improving a lot. Then I got sick again. Was it simply that I was overworking myself with work and other things? It is possible.

Now I've been slowly building back up to the walks again and I'm hoping to get a 5k in this weekend. Brianna's schedule is making it more difficult for us to do them together, but we have two medals to earn and she said she wanted to do them with me.

I am now doing all that I can to increase my lungs' health and will keep up with the workouts at home (which, technically, I could figure out calories burned & translate that into miles for this site, but it doesn't really seem the right thing to do) until I feel like I used to.

Thank you for reading!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

1161.7 Miles

We camped during the day and left at dusk. So far things are quiet, but we are cautious. Sam noticed the rind moon and I was struck with the thought of how many nights I've watched the moon.

Well, June started out with the flu so I have not been walking a mile each day. I'll admit that I was a little pissed about getting sick when things are starting to improve, but I am choosing to let it go. I still have plenty of time to work on my health.

Brianna & I joined up with a group called the Hogwarts Running Club which hosts virtual runs. Yes, they trust that you will complete the miles needed. Not a problem for us.Our first 5k was on Saturday evening. The group prompted for us to walk/run at night (it was inspired by Lupin, so the moonlight was important), but Brianna & I walked in the late evening. I had a bit of a hard time with the distance and the hills, but I still completed it and that was what counted.
Of course, I felt extremely stiff and sore the following day and Monday, but I didn't feel as if I was exhausted, just tired. And so, after most of the soreness wore off, we decided to take another walk. This time my calves & shins were screaming at me during the first mile, so it was slow going -
We will be walking this distance every few days so that my muscles have time to recover and I still get to get my miles in. The next Hogwarts run is the Hedwig Memorial 5k on July 27 and I'm really looking forward to completing that one. Since I still have over a month, I know that I'll be ready to walk that one without any issues.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

1154 Miles

Reach steep north face of south downs, inner ridge – hidden in the dark.

It's been a while, hasn't it? I have slowly begun to feel a lot better. I fouled that up on the weekend that we moved, but I have been taking good care of myself since then. I am now ready to start again. I know that I lost a lot of momentum over the last several months and that it will take me a while to get back to where I was before I got sick, but I also know that I can do it. I have a new determination to become as healthy as I can. I refuse to sit around and wait for the doctors to tell me that it's time for surgery. Instead, I would like very much to show them that I won't be needing it after all.

And so...  here is the progress I've made since I last posted my miles. Granted, this isn't all that I've done, but it is all I have record of so we'll just go from there.

My goal for June is to walk about a mile each day. It doesn't sound like much, but right now it's a really good start. That won't be the only activity I do, but I'm only keeping the miles here.

Also, for honesty's sake, I should say that I regained all the weight I'd lost when I moved here. Yes, I'm 190 pounds again. So be it, it won't be here very long.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Recovery progress...

As some of you know, I had a nasty bout with bacterial pneumonia at the end of October (2013) and was really hit hard with it. I can't recall the last time I went to the ER for myself, but this time I did. I am very lucky that it wasn't worse and so very grateful for the help I had during that time.

And now...

my journey is not ended, but it is on hold for a while longer. You see, I pretty much wiped out all my stores of energy and for a very long time (okay, it seems like a really long time, even though I just realized that I was at the ER 3 months ago) I could barely move around the house without feeling as if I'd been digging in the yard all day. Even now, after all this time, I feel completely drained after simple things. Last weekend I repotted most of my houseplants and by the time I was finished I felt like I'd been doing manual labor for several hours.

What this means is simply that I'm not going on long (or even short) treks through the neighborhood, around the block, up the mountain, etc., until I can get past this completely. What it also means is that when I begin again, I will be really looking forward tot he progress I'll be making.

Love and great healthy to you all!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

1143.3 Miles

(5.1 outdoors since Monday)

We have reached the Northern edge of eastern South Undeep.

 I'll admit that I've not been listening to the book lately. As soon as I get a few things done enough for me to skim through it, I will certainly catch up on more details of the journey.

In the meantime, I'll catch up on the journey of the road. This week I didn't get as many miles as I was supposed to. Part of that was my own fault for not following the maps a little better. I'd planned to attend a 5 mile hike yesterday but didn't turn when I was supposed to which had me drive quite a bit out of my way. Sadly, by the time I realized this, the group was already beginning the hike and I was more than 20 minutes away.

Still, I have to say that I'm really happy with how the run on Friday went. April and I went to Carrier Park (lots of runners, walkers, bikers, and roller-skaters go there, too). I knew that I needed to reach at least 3 miles that day (I have a goal to run 5k in less than 37 minutes by the first weekend in November) and that's not far from now. Well, April kept encouraging me to keep running (slow pace). And, as much as I really wanted to walk, I actually ran most of it. April says 99%, but I think it was onlu 90%. But that "only: that you see there? Don't let it fool you, I worked really hard to keep going. And I feel so proud of myself for finishing.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

1138.2 Miles

(5.2 road, total since Monday)

Gollum has been spotted by Sam and Frodo and we have been on the river many hours each day.

Exercise has a strange consequence for me and perhaps it is the same for many others. Before I start, I can think of every argument not to do anything. While I am exercising I can think of every reason to stop. But after the exercise, I can think of all the reasons I am glad I finished.

I'm a little tired tonight so the images aren't edited to remove the ads at the bottoms or anything like that. I'll work on that for the next entry.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

1133 Miles

This is a catching up since the last post.

(9.6 bike)
(11.1 walking/running: total since September 2)

I'm so pleased to be running and walking on a regular basis! Not only am I getting more miles in, I'm also gaining more strength. I was sick for a little bit so there was more time spent coughing than moving, but that's behind me now. I've been using the Nike application for my phone to help me keep track of my miles and I know that there have been a couple times when I forgot to turn the darn thing on, so I won't be counting those.

On September 27th I was in my second Asheville 5k (third total) and my time was 41:48 (last year was 44:11). I am really looking forward to seeing what the next 5k will be. Here is one of the pictures that Brianna was able to get just before I crossed the finish line -

Today was a bike ride (at The Fire, mostly keeping about 17mph, but there were several HIIT minutes in there) and tomorrow morning will be another run. I'm hoping to update this a lot more frequently from here on.

Monday, September 2, 2013

1112.3 Miles

(10.3 bike)

The river has turned southward and we are still surrounded by high hills.

I wasn't going to do anything today since my calves are still very sore, but decided that if I didn't do anything my goals would be even further away. So, after getting Brianna settled (she has a fever and pretty heavy congestion right now), I got on the bike. Only 30 minutes today, but I am glad that I did it.

Oh, and I did get a little knitting in, too. That little bit of black might become the OWL project for HPKCHC (on Ravelry).