Thursday, December 8, 2011

46.8 Miles

(5.8 miles)

 At this point, the Hobbits are heading southeast to Buckleberry Ferry and the clouds are beginning to move in. This is so much more detailed in the book, of course, and I really like the thought that I've got interesting things to think of while I'm pedaling along.

Last night I moved the bike into the living room. It seems to fit better in there, even though I know it's not a "standard" item for that room. When I was on it today, I liked the feel of more space around me. And I like my room back to normal, too.

The first session today didn't seem that bad. My legs are still a little shaky, but I know that, with a little more time, that will pass. I was also able to get about an inch done on the scarf. When I'm in the fast-mode, I do not knit. I actually hang onto the handles. When I slow back to normal speed (which seems to be hovering around 16mph on #7 tension) I can let go and knit again. I think, with a little more practice, I might even be able to start some lace!

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