2014 Goals

So... things have changed over the last several months and I have new goals.

Regain the cardio strength I once had.
- I haven’t been working out through the winter since I wanted to make sure I was completely recovered from pneumonia. I did go for a couple walks, but that’s about it.
- I am still debating this one. I didn't get a high from running except when I ran fast. Poking along at 4mph just frustrated me a lot. When I ran at my full speed I felt so much better. I still want to think about this one.
Strengthen my body again
- I know that I lost a lot of strength during recovery and I know that's normal. Even so, I will be glad when I can carry twenty skeins of wet yarn without any problems
- I gave up belly-dancing a while back. Why? Because I allowed someone else to taint it. Instead of dancing being something wonderful for Me, instead of it being an expression of my femininity, it was turned into something different. Now there is only me and I am reclaiming that beauty.
Other areas
-I have been learning to say, No," when I am reaching too far. I have limits and I will never again let someone else tell me that their intuition is better than my own. In the middle of the chaos that slammed into me over during the early part of this year, I learned that I have to live the way I feel most comfortable. I am not a pushy person and in trying to become one (salesperson) I lost a lot of friends and customers. In trying to jump through the hoops of business, I lost almost all of the business that fed my soul. There are more things to write, but I've not decided how much I want to share about it all.

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