Friday, December 2, 2011

Almost to Stock Road

This morning I went another 8.1 miles and added a tracker to the side. According to this page, I'm nearly to Stock Road. Tomorrow I should be somewhere past the first campsite.

I started a scarf with some really cool yarn, too. This one will be a diagonal striped scarf with various simple stitches for each stripe, like garter, stockinette and seed stitches. I think it will look pretty cool when it's done.

I won't be knitting on this only while I'm on the bike since I'd like it to be a gift for someone pretty soon, but it will certainly get worked on while I pedal. See that bag in the lower right-hand corner? That was a special gift from a friend of mine. She made several cool project bags a while back for my yarn club and I got one in each House color (Harry Potter) and one that looked like a quilt block.

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