Monday, March 26, 2012

818.5 Miles

(2.5 walking)
(10.5 biking)

After taking a short break to eat and have another sip of miruvor. We began following Gandalf in the dark. True, Gandalf's staff shone brightly, but it was very small in this great, dark cavern. Frodo has been hearing steps behind us, but didn't say anything. After a bit of time we came to a junction and Gandalf was too weary to decide which way to go, so we camped in the guardroom.

It was so cold this morning! I really pushed myself to go out there and walk, but I figured it wouldn't kill me so I bundled up a bit and headed out. Before very long I was already starting to sweat. I didn't take off the outer layers simply because the breeze would have chilled me to the bone.

The biking was a little more pleasant, and I really pushed to keep a good speed and a few bursts of high intensity. Afterward I was pretty done in. Oddly enough, I felt more tired after the walking than I have lately. I think it's simply because of the cold. I didn't do the chains today, but I'm not upset about it. I know that I will make them up tomorrow by doing the whole routine.

I am pretty sure I won't get this scarf finished by the end of the month since I'm spending any extra knitting time working on the sweater. I am determined to finish this for the OWL on HPKCHC.

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