Tuesday, March 6, 2012

708.9 Miles


It's a full moon and the going is not that bad. Very cold, of course.  Just before dawn Gandalf & Frodo were pretty sure there was something flying over us, but it was too dark to see clearly.

I made it to 10%! Yes, that makes me smile. I was only going to go for 45 minutes today since that was my goal, but, even with the strength training, it just feels more right to go for the full hour. i am also much happier doing my workout in the earlier part of the day. To me that just works so much better.

The chain workout (strength training) hurts. I couldn't do them all because my arms were trembling so much. I'm going to stick with the even numbers this week, then I'll try again. I know that "failure" in this sense is a good thing, but when I fail to lift a simple 8-pound weight... well, it feels kind of crappy. I refuse to go down to a 5-pound weight, though.

Knitting was good and I'm working on a pattern called Baktus with my new yarn base. It's so soft!

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  1. Your new yarn base IS so soft! I'm looking forward to working with it! :-D