Thursday, January 12, 2012

279.2 Miles


We're still heading for Rivendell and the fear for Frodo's health runs high. Today we made camp and everyone is solemn.

Yes, I was on there for another hour today. My legs feel a little like they are on fire and trying to kneel on the floor is a slow process. I'm drinking a lot of water to help with that and applied some arnica salve after my shower. Luckily, most of my work for the day is nearly complete. After this I will alternate between gentle stretching and relaxed knitting.

The socks are getting longer, but I can't locate my paper with Kevin's measurements, so I am not sure how much longer to make them before I start the heel. It's not a big deal, though since I can get them pretty soon. My stitches are getting easier now and even picking up the bar in between (for "m1r" and "m1l") is becoming easy enough that I don't have to slow the pedaling to do them.

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