Friday, January 6, 2012

226.9 Miles


I camped by a small stream, among some stunted alder trees. The moon is still waxing (interestingly, it will be full on Monday) and it's frosty, but clear.

Today was the one hour ride. I was lucky enough to talk to a friend during this ride which seemed to make it go by a little faster. Kind of interesting. I am feeling better and better about all of this. Yes, the changes are slow in coming, but I know that my body is being nourished each day and that I'm doing this right. Each time I push myself a little more, I can feel the love coming from my friends, encouraging me and cheering me on. I love it.

I finished the bamboo washcloth. It's too soft to be a kitchen cloth, so I might put it away for a face cloth as a gift for someone.

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