Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Movements & thoughts

There was no biking today. Or even walking. Why? Because I listened to my body and lifted weights instead. And belly danced.

I started this blog as a way to share with you the journey that I had intended to travel. To catalog the miles I pedaled and attach them to one of my favorite stories. I've been doing that, I think. But there are days...

I was starting to feel guilty about not getting on the bike even though I'd done so much more during the day. After all, how do I show you that I'm lifting 8-pound weights more than 50 times in various positions (above head, behind head, leaning over & "pulling the lawnmower cord", etc.). How do I show you that I'm sweating quite a bit while I'm belly dancing? How do I describe the stretching involved in the yoga that I'm doing? The only thing I can really show is the screen on the bike after I've ridden for the allotted time.

As my body changes and grows in strength I hear different messages. It's an interesting thing, listening to my body. It has been telling me things like, "Be stronger," and "Push harder." And so, even though I know I should get on the bike because you might be watching for the miles, I need to listen to my body.

Part of that will include even more walking. I am not so sure about walking out in this neighborhood in the wee hours, but I am willing to walk in the afternoons. Also, I'll be looking at some treadmills. They are used, they aren't top of the line, but they are in my budget range. We'll see what I find.

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