Tuesday, April 3, 2012

855.4 Miles

(9.7 biking)

After traveling onward, Frodo and Sam began to fall behind. They were both injured while we were in Moria and Aragorn tended them both before we moved on. This is when we discovered Frodo's mithril corselette. After going on for another few hours we reached the edge of the woods of Lothlorien.

I felt pretty good today, even though my sleep is still broken each night. I'm hoping that will change very soon. Even so, I didn't want to ride today. I feel better emotionally, but I am still physically tired. And yet, I felt a lot better about myself when I'd finished the 30 minutes.

I also continued with the strength training. That seems easier to do lately. Not in terms of the physical challenge (since my muscles still tremble after a few sets), but in terms of motivation. I feel more motivated to lift the weights than to get on the bike. Weird, huh?

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