Thursday, October 18, 2012

918.5 Miles

(2.1 treadmill)

Only 1.5 miles to reach the gates of Caras Galadan!

Yesterday my muscles were crying at me. They were begging me to stop moving so much, to sit down and relax, to leave them alone. But I didn't listen. Instead I did the workout with the weights then got on the bike for 30 minutes. Only, I forgot to take a picture of the miles. Why? Because as I reached the 30 minute mark I realized that I was supposed to be on a call with Kam. I think she understands why I forgot about it.

So, I'm not counting yesterday's miles, even though they were probably 8 or 9. Yes, that would have gotten me to Rivendell, but that's okay. For today, I got on the treadmill.

I'll be using the weights later today, but for now I have to work on some yarn and other goodies for the shop. :-)

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